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September 10, 2020
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Everything you want to know about studio lighting

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Lighting plays very vital role in photography. If there is not proper lighting available during the photo shoot then it can completely ruin photographer's imagination. It doesn't matter how much mega pixels your camera has or how proficient photographer you are, if your studio lighting is not right then you cannot achieve the desired results. Some photographers spend considerable amount of money on costly cameras and lenses but completely ignore the importance of lighting. Suppose, you have purchased an expensive camera but after completing the photo shoot you realize that pictures are contrary to your expectations. Bad studio lighting can be responsible for such things to happen. Hence, it is very important to have proper lighting in your studio to click the picture perfect.

There are mainly three types of lighting kits available in the market namely hot lights, cool lights and flash lights. Hot lights are simple halogen lights which are very helpful in video photography as well as clicking small products. Though these lights are very bright, they do not have enough energy to take photographs of people. The beam produced by hot lights is so bright that it seems very uncomfortable when shine in anyone's eyes. With this type of studio lighting, you need a camera with very slow paced shutter. Furthermore, these lights are also very hot and you need to produce and can easily catch fire.

Cool lights are simple fluorescent lights and do not get hot as comparable to hot lights. Thus, with these lights there is no danger of causing fire and it is safer to use as comparable to its other counterpart. It produces light similar to day light and can be used in the studio at day times too. Moreover, the beam produced by cool lights are eye soothing and do not cause any irritation in eyes. But like hot lights, cool lights also have very little power and get exhausts very easily. These lights have limited range as compared to hot lights.

Lastly, flash lights are the most popular studio lighting used these days. It does not have any limitations like those of hot lights and cool lights. Along with it, these lights are very comfortable to use. Flash lights are further divided into two types- hot shoe flashes and studio flash. Horse shoe lights are those lights which are fitted in the horse shoe of the camera. These are portable lights which can be easily carried from one place to another. Horse shoe lights are very useful to click photos at night or in dark places such as caves. Studio flash lights are used to take photos in studio. These are used along with umbrellas to balance studio lighting and to get perfect one.

You can easily purchase studio lights from a store near you. But sometimes retailers do not provide genuine products and charge much higher rates. You can buy good quality lights from several websites available on the internet and comparatively much lower rates.


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