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October 22, 2020
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Convert from Tape to File: Digitizing and Transcoding

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Files can be digitized and edited on a computer. Non-linear editing is effective and non-destructive to the sources. Analog editing requires making several replicas and splicing the materials together, which is a long and drawn out process. Digital files also make it much more convenient to distribute content. Digital video has become an industry standard, as files can be transferred using a high-speed FTP site or through a hard drive. Post production companies have FTP sites with a large bandwidth, which ensures that your material will be received quickly. This material can be stored for later use without fear of aging or degradation.

When video is transferred to different formats, there is the risk that the transferred content will be of lower quality than the original. In order to properly digitize video for editing on computer software, knowledge of and experience with the process is necessary. Rather than risk corrupting your source content or damaging the file in some way, send the job to a post production company for a quick, efficient, and painless turnaround. A post production house can save you the hassle by performing the service for you for a reasonable fee.

File compression during digitization can, in some cases, lead to the same generation loss that old analog formats would produce. The video data goes through reduction to fit onto hardware found in computers and hard drives. With each compression, decompression, and recompression the video quality can be affected. A professional knows how to handle the material so that little to no degradation occurs during the procedure. Even though the process is done electronically, it takes a skilled hand to ensure that the source material remains intact.

Digital asset management and delivery is the future of media. Tapes will eventually become obsolete, and all source material will be stored and delivered digitally with ease. Managing the digital file is easy, but the process of digitizing the file is difficult and intricate. A post production company can not only transfer your source material but it can also encode it. Professionals can prep any format for any platform to ensure optimal results. The uncompressed files can be converted to any number of media formats. The best way to take advantage of this new digital technology is to send your tapes to a post production house for digitizing. Should you need this service or have any questions you can always ask the professionals.


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