The Apple iPod Touch 32 gb 3rd Generation was presented as an upgraded version of the Apple Ipod Touch 2nd generation. Apple did not omit the major features of the previous 2nd generation IPod instead they've just enhanced and added some newer features to the 3rd generation. One of the major upgrades included in this generation is the media player. Apple featured a faster version of the media player processor. This processor could also be purchased at a higher capacity rate. The capacity selection includes the 8 GB, 32 GB and the 64 GB models. The graphics and pixels are well improved to ensure that the consumer can enjoy a better resolution when they start viewing any videos and pictures through their iPods. However, the dimension remains unchanged. The exact measurement of the Ipod touch 3rd generation is 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.33 inches. However, you may find a slight difference in terms of the etching behind the Ipod or device. The touch screen remains the same having a 3.5-inch LCD with 480x320 resolutions.

One of the major improvements that can be found in the 3rd generation is the Genius play list feature which classifies songs into genres. With the help of Genius play list, selecting from the wide variety of songs is no longer an issue. Another breakthrough or well known feature is the voice control feature which allows you to command the iPod through a voice activation system. You can press the headphone remote button and command basic controls such as play, next song or even call out the artist's name through the microphone, and the iPod will do the task of searching and locating a certain command for you. The Apple iPod Touch 32 gb 3rd Generation is really a compact gadget for both music lovers and people who love to download movies and pictures.

However, with all the upgrades and product enhancements of Apple Ipod Touch 32 gb 3rd Generation, it is only understandable that the iPod is quite costly. If you are planning to purchase an Ipod better do a lot of canvassing to ensure that you get the best buy among all offers. Make sure that you purchase a brand new iPod from a legal retailer or store and never purchase a refurbished one. Avoid buying used ones especially if you do not know who the previous owner is. It might be too late for you realize that you purchased an iPod that is close to crashing or worse, it might already be dysfunctional. Some 3rd generation iPod owners claim that the third generation is by far the best edition of the Apple iPod series. However, some says that the additional feature is not usable or applicable at all. It is also important that you know what you want and what you need because purchasing a certain Apple iPod model. Each Apple iPod has its unique features which cater to different kinds of users. Make sure to purchase an Apple iPod that will suit your lifestyle so that you can maximize its use.