Annual Education Report 2016-2017
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Audited Financial Statements
Audited Financial Statements 2015
Audited Financial Statements 2016

Association Dues
Association Dues

Board Approved Budget
Approved Deficit  Elimination Plan letter
Board Approved Budget
General Fund 2016-2017

Credit Card
Credit Card

Current Bargaining Agreement
Bargaining Agreement

District Paid Lobbying Cost
Lobbying  Cost

Deficit of Elimination
2016 SJW Deficit Elimination Plan
2015 SJW Deficit Elimination Plan

2014-2015 Compensation

​​Employee Credit Card Information

​​​Personnel Expenditures
2014-2015 Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures
2014-2015 Operating Expenditures (Pie Chart)

Educational Services
ESP: Operating 2014-2015
ESP: Transparency 2014-2015

Procurement Policies
Purchasing Process
Purchasing Narrative

Proposed Budget
Proposed Budget 2015-2016

Summary of Monthly
January 31 2015

Health Care
Medical Benefit Plan Bids
Medical Benefit Plan Bids
January 31 2015

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Reimbursement Form
Employee Reimbursement